Nursing Bra Fittings

All of our Lactation Consultants are Medela Certified bra fitters. We recommend that you be fitted for a nursing bra either two weeks prior to your due date or anytime following delivery. To schedule a bra fitting with an Outpatient Lactation Consultant before your due date, please call 864-675-4215. You can also request that a Lactation Consultant visit you in your hospital room after delivery for a bra fitting.

When choosing a nursing bra, you will want one that offers easy access to the breast for your baby and still provides comfort for you. However, there are various types of nursing bras. Some women prefer nursing bras that have underwire, while others find that it can lead to plugged ducts. Therefore, you will want to look for a bra that either has removable underwire or no underwire at all. Some women also prefer nursing bras that have flaps that cover the breast. When nursing your baby, you just have to unclasp the flap to feed your baby. The bra still conceals all areas except for where the baby is suckling. Flaps are not a requirement, but they may make nursing easier for some mothers.

Aside from these preferences, there are other considerations when choosing a nursing bra. You also want to make sure that your bra doesn’t fit too tightly, because this can lead to plugged ducts, which can result in lower milk supply. Nursing bras with wider straps are also more comfortable than ones with thinner straps.