Lactation Consultants

We are fortunate to have International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) on staff.. Our goal is to be the community’s resource for excellence in breastfeeding services. Our mission is to help mothers reach their personal breastfeeding goals.

Contact our Lactation Consultants at 864-675-4215. We're here to help!

Amy Finch, RN, BSN, IBCLC

Amy began her career in Labor and Delivery and on the Mother Infant Unit as a nurse. "I loved the labor and delivery part, but my heart was in taking care of the new moms and babies," she says. "I especially enjoyed educating the moms on breastfeeding and how to care for their babies."

"Once I had children of my own and faced my own breastfeeding challenges, I knew for sure that I wanted to support other breastfeeding mothers as well as I was supported by the lactation team here at St. Francis," Amy says. So, after being a nurse for 15 years and working in St. Francis education for the last 10 years, Amy also is now working as a Lactation Consultant where she has three years of experience and has earned her IBCLC certification.

Amy has two young children and loves spending time with her family. She helps lead a Bible study and prayer group, and she loves to read.

Amy's Best Breastfeeding Tip:  Trust your instincts! You will get to know your baby better than anyone else! 

Mandy Schaub, RD, IBCLC

"I've always loved working with babies and moms," Mandy says. "I used to be a Pediatric Dietitian, and I decided what I really wanted to focus on was helping moms breastfeed because it is the best nutrition." Mandy has 10 years of experience as a Lactation Consultant and is IBCLC certified. She has a degree in Dietetics and Nutrition from Kansas University Medical Center as well as a degree in Nutrition from Clemson.

Mandy has two-year-old twin daughters and enjoys playing with them and watching them learn about the world. In her (rare) quiet moments, she likes to read and bargain shop.

Mandy's Best Breastfeeding Tip: It is a lot of work - especially in the beginning - but you can do it. If you have a question, call to get help! (864-675-4215) We have lots of cool tricks that can make life easier. My favorite breastfeeding gadget is the hands-free bustier used for pumping. 

Danielle Shatley-Poore, MPH, IBCLC

"I love helping breastfeeding moms and babies," Danielle says. "It is my dream job and it is very rewarding." During her undergraduate and master's degree work in Public Health, Danielle discovered her interest in helping breastfeeding moms.

"I had an interest in breastfeeding due to the benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and babies as a public health issue," she says. While she enjoyed advocating and educating on the importance of breastfeeding, she had a desire to work in the clinical side of lactation consulting. Danielle interned with two St. Francis Lactation Consultants while she was working as a community health educator, and soon after was hired by St. Francis and earned her IBCLC certification. She now has five years of experience as an IBCLC-certified Lactation Consultant.

Danielle is married with a daughter, Perryn, (who was breastfed!). She also has two dogs named Sunshine and Mac. She spends her days off with her sweet little “mini me” and they enjoy playing outside, swimming, and shopping together. She also enjoys reading, baking sweet treats and watching her favorite TV shows. She lives in Walhalla, SC, where she grew up (yes, she drives over an hour one way to get to work!)

Danielle's Best Breastfeeding Tip: Breastfeeding is natural, but it is NOT always easy. Get educated on what to expect- come to a breastfeeding class while you are pregnant (the one here at St. Francis is great!), get help in the hospital from a Lactation Consultant and even after you go home with an outpatient visit with a Lactation Consultant, pediatrician support or from a mom support group. A feed and weigh (which allows the baby to be weighed and then re-weighed after breastfeeding) during an outpatient visit is a great way to help moms have reassurance that the baby is getting enough milk at the breast with a feeding. A lot of moms doubt their ability simply because they “can't see how much milk is in the container!" 


Dorothy Sloan, RN, IBCLC

I began my nursing career in 1978. I worked various areas of medical-surgical nursing until 1986. I then started working in the neonatal intensive care unit. I worked as a neonatal nurse in nurseries varying from level 1 to a Level 3. I was always interested in helping my breastfeeding moms and infants, and would assist them as much as possible while working as a staff nurse. In early 2008, I was given the opportunity to cross train to working as a Lactation Consultant working with newborns and their breastfeeding moms, infants in the intensive care unit and with outpatient follow ups. This eventually became a permanent position for me and at this time I worked exclusively with infants in the neonatal intensive care unit. I became a board certified lactation consultant in 2010. I remained in that position until I relocated to this area and started working at this hospital with breastfeeding moms and their newborn infants. I truly love my job and take great joy in being a part of such a wonderful time for a mother and her infant.

I am married and live with my husband in Pickens, near Table Rock. I enjoy cooking, working with my flowers and in the garden. Basically anything that is outdoors. I have three grown daughters and two granddaughters.

Dorothy's Best Breastfeeding Tip: Try to relax and enjoy this time with your new baby. Seek assistance from a professional after you go home if you have concerns or not entirely sure “everything” is going well.  Sometimes just getting reassurance is all that you need.

What is an IBCLC®?

An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is a healthcare professional who specializes in breastfeeding. An IBCLC is certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners®, Inc.


We welcome any requests and referrals to our lactation services. Patients in Greenville, Spartanburg, Clemson, and surrounding Upstate, SC areas can review our class list for upcoming breastfeeding classes or visit the St. Francis Lactation Center for nursing supplies and more.