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Women of St. Francis

The Women of St. Francis is a group of women who use their God-given talents and resources to educate the community and enhance the quality of women’s health for those we serve. The Women of St. Francis helps to ensure that women have the knowledge they need to make their own important health care decisions and shares that information with the community as well. The group is dedicated to raising funds to support programs and services. The Women of St. Francis also provide valuable input as to what women really want from health care so it can design its programs to complement those ideas.

St. Francis Foundation needs women who care about the health of the community and want to see positive changes.

Learn more about the St. Francis Foundation's Neonatal Care Capital Campaign. This campaign is raising funds to update the current NCU to a single room design, as well as create a “well-baby” nursery that allows babies to be temporarily moved to a separate nursery whenever their mothers require isolation to receive specialized medical treatments. Instead of one room—an often noisy, crowded, and stressful environment, the new NCU will comfort baby and family and rival the finest, most advanced designs in the nation.