It's the big day! In this section, find out what to expect during your hospital stay and get information on preparing for labor and delivery. Topics such as what to bring to the hospital, when to arrive, and related information can ensure your delivery goes as smoothly as possible.

Arrival for Delivery

In this section, learn about recognizing labor, plan for your arrival at the hospital, and find related information about what to expect on the big day.

Labor & Delivery

While every labor is different, learn what to expect during both a vaginal and Cesarean delivery.

Birth Preferences

This section provides information to help you understand different childbirth preferences so you can plan for how you would like your labor and delivery experience to go.

Baby's Here

In this section, you'll find information on what to expect after delivery, including tips for welcoming hospital visitors, getting ready to go home, and related health information for you and baby.