Breast Pump Rentals

Some moms may need to rent a hospital grade pump to take home, and a Lactation Consultant can determine if this is necessary. Your pump can be rented before you leave and will be ready for you to take home. If you realize that you need a pump when you return home, you can call and arrange to pick up a rented pump that will accommodate your breastfeeding needs. For any questions regarding pump rentals, please call 864-675-4215 or 864-675-4400.

Renting vs. Buying

When deciding whether to rent or buy a breast pump, you should ask yourself how long, why, where, and how often you plan to pump. Your answers to these questions will assist you in deciding which option is best for you, your baby, and your finances.

Renting is recommended if you have needs that require more efficient pumping. Hospital-grade breast pumps, which are rented, can be helpful if you have low milk supply, a premature baby, a baby that cannot breastfeed, or if you have twins and need to produce more milk. If you are unsure that pumping will be a common practice for you or if you plan to pump for less than six months, renting may be the better option financially.

Buying is recommended if you have a healthy baby and good milk supply. Personal pumps are also easier to carry around with you. If you plan on pumping for more than six months or plan on having more children, buying may be the better option financially.  

Breast pumps are either electric/battery-powered or manual. While some moms use both, there is normally a strong preference for one type rather than another.

A hospital-grade electric breast pump is recommended for moms who are having trouble nursing or if they are having difficulty building up their milk supply. If your baby is born premature or you have a medical condition that affects your milk production, you will likely use this type of pump. These hospital-grade pumps have a rapid suck-and-release cycle that draws milk at about the same rate as a nursing baby would. If you have a pump that can pump both breasts at once, you can cut down pumping time in half.

A top-end electric personal-use pump is recommended for moms who need to pump more than once a day, because they have the efficiency of the hospital-grade pump but are also conveniently portable. This type of pump is a popular choice for moms who are unable to nurse frequently because of full-time jobs or other reasons. These pumps have quick cycling times and adjustable suction levels. Like the hospital-grade, these pumps have double-pumping capacity. These pumps usually weigh five pounds or less, so they are portable.

An inexpensive manual and mid-range electric or battery-operated pump is recommended for moms who need to pump once a day or less. These pumps are best for short-term separations, such as Mom leaving the baby with a babysitter. Many of these pumps weigh less than two pounds, so they are portable. They are also more affordable. However, they take longer to use and require more manual effort than the top-end pumps.