Arrival for Delivery

Recognizing Labor

Many women, especially first-time moms, fear that they will not know when labor has begun. Early labor often starts with mild contractions, similar to Braxton Hicks contractions that you may have been experiencing for several weeks. Usually, these contractions differ from Braxton Hicks contractions in that you can feel them at regular intervals and they gradually get stronger, last longer and come closer together.

Another sign that you are in labor is the rupturing of the membranes in the amniotic sac, commonly called "water breaking." For some women, membranes rupture before contractions are even noticed. For others, the membranes are broken in the hospital as labor progresses.

As a general rule, once you've had regular, painful contractions (each lasting about 60 seconds) every five minutes for an hour, or if your water has broken, it's time to call your doctor and head to the hospital. However, every woman's labor is different. Your physician should give you a specific set of instructions for when she'll want to hear from you and at what point she'll advise you to go to the hospital.

Arriving at the Hospital

When you arrive at St. Francis Eastside, pull up to Entrance C. Go to the 4th floor, and check in at the desk. If you have pre-registered for your hospital stay, you will only need to provide your name, due date, and current insurance card at the desk.

Getting to Your Room

Once on the fourth floor, a nurse will assess you and notify your doctor that you are in labor. Then, you will be placed in a Labor and Delivery suite, a private room fully equipped with all the technology you need to have a safe, smooth delivery, and staffed with nurses who specialize in labor and delivery.