About St. Francis Baby


St. Francis has helped Upstate families grow since its beginning in 1932. Labor and Delivery was housed at ST. FRANCIS downtown until 1991, when ST. FRANCIS eastside (formerly St. Francis Women's & Family Hospital) opened on Greenville's eastside to much fanfare. Just like today, the hospital was considered one of the premier healthcare facilities for women in the Upstate. St. Francis has continued to develop innovative programs and services in order to provide the very best birth experience for our patients.

St. Francis By the Numbers

Average Annual Births


Percentage of Mothers Who Start Breastfeeding in the Hospital


The national goal set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is 75%

Percentage of Scheduled Deliveries Prior to 39 Weeks


The national average is 12%, according to the Leapfrog Group

Patient Satisfaction


According to the Gallup follow-up patient surveys from Sept-Nov 2010

Safety Rating for Normal Deliveries

Fully Meets Standards

According to the Leapfrog Group